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  • ParadigmShiftz
    ParadigmShiftzდღის წინ

    Josh to JJ: "you are the karen of the team" JJ next episode: "manager?"

  • IcyUncleChris 76
    IcyUncleChris 764 დღის წინ

    Harry is the embodiment of the ‘’you’ve been playing the game for a long time so you must me good’’ meme

  • Üro
    Üro4 დღის წინ

    Anyone knows the song at 6:25?

  • Eric Diaz
    Eric Diaz5 დღის წინ

    i love how jj goes where is everyone and josh quite clearly speaks and says "here" and jj still proceeds to say "we've lost josh" lmao

  • Kill CXnf!rmed
    Kill CXnf!rmed7 დღის წინ


  • Ryan Turner
    Ryan Turner7 დღის წინ

    Ethan apologising to us at the end but this is why we watch the videos! 😂🤷‍♂️

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson9 დღის წინ

    How to you play with more than 4 people

  • BIOTIC _Junker
    BIOTIC _Junker11 დღის წინ

    Bro I hate JJ in this series, like full on hate him in this series

  • Nthn CPR
    Nthn CPR13 დღის წინ

    8:00 what’s the song called??

  • Arian_AP Parsa
    Arian_AP Parsa15 დღის წინ

    jj just said ataghfurilah hahahaha

  • omar khaledd
    omar khaledd18 დღის წინ

    21:19 look at hary at the back

  • Maymasters_yt
    Maymasters_yt18 დღის წინ

    Man behz getting booted

  • PureDarkneS⃠
    PureDarkneS⃠19 დღის წინ

    Wow these Assists are satisfying at 10:09🐉🤤

  • lil s
    lil s20 დღის წინ

    Josh: *in the zone and doesnt speak* Jj: we've lost Josh Jj: *doesnt speak and is in the zone* Simon: we've lost jj Simon's too funny 🤣🤣

  • Luke Purdue-Peralta
    Luke Purdue-Peralta21 დღის წინ


  • Yousif Redha5953
    Yousif Redha595323 დღის წინ

    Josh doesn’t talk for one second Ksi: guys we lost josh

  • Justin brylewicz
    Justin brylewicz23 დღის წინ

    when vikk says something it makes everything unfunny tf my mans so dry wit his jokes

    AJMAL REHMAT25 დღის წინ

    Just love the astagfurillahs and inshallahs from this squad😂

  • Gangsta Pete
    Gangsta Pete25 დღის წინ

    ethan. buy a asus wifi box. then you wont have wifi issues. im sure its your wifi box, not your internet provider. they might have provided a shit wifi box

  • GG kk
    GG kk26 დღის წინ

    Gosh seeing harry play makes me wanna kill myself

  • Yt_Jakov-_- 3
    Yt_Jakov-_- 326 დღის წინ

    27:52 bruv u all dumb lol.He had space to shot y u want to pass in fkn 16 metars of the goal thats volta fkn football not this

  • Tai Bach
    Tai Bach27 დღის წინ


  • Tai Bach
    Tai Bach27 დღის წინ


  • Arti Kirwan
    Arti Kirwan28 დღის წინ


    ØGXUZIX Zzzთვის წინ

    Swear down josh just goes at Harry whenever he can😂😂😂 Harry silenced him shhh old man

  • Andy Thomas
    Andy Thomasთვის წინ

    i love it me

  • TxX AssassiNz
    TxX AssassiNzთვის წინ


  • David Panken
    David Pankenთვის წინ

    Why did they JJ’s shit at the start of the 3rd game? JJ couldn’t do anything up front at the 2nd game and Harry messed it all up. 3rd game: Harry’s gone, JJ’s up front, and everything runs smoothly. Sidemen’s defense didn’t have anything to do with that.

  • Cray Crayz

    Cray Crayz

    თვის წინ

    JJ’s the easy punching bag, at times even when he’s not involved he’s the one that gets bullied because it makes the fans happy I guess- 😶😶

  • Magnus Ivesdal
    Magnus Ivesdalთვის წინ

    Harry is actually anoyingly bad😅

  • joshua bolton
    joshua boltonთვის წინ

    JJ is the epitome of a human Caps Lock button lol

  • Soph _Vx
    Soph _Vxთვის წინ

    What song is at 8:00

  • Chanelle Clarke
    Chanelle Clarkeთვის წინ

    Y’all leave my Harry alone!!!

  • Alex James
    Alex Jamesთვის წინ

    Do a special guest with Manny. He would fuck shit up

  • E
    Eთვის წინ


  • Jose Espinoza
    Jose Espinozaთვის წინ

    Song at 8:00 please anyone

  • SBKP 0507
    SBKP 0507თვის წინ

    W Tobi 1-1 4:06 Vik 2-3 6:23 Simon 3-3 7:04 Josh 4-3 7:55 L Ethan 1-2 18:25 L Vik 1-0 19:55 Simon 2-0 20:20 Josh 3-0 21:09

  • Zion Jacobs

    Zion Jacobs

    თვის წინ

    You put L instead of W for 2 of them

  • Butterbean


    თვის წინ

    Ty for this

  • Selim Kavrak
    Selim Kavrakთვის წინ

    You lost Josh of old age :(

  • Ruben JC
    Ruben JCთვის წინ


  • Adrian Almaguer
    Adrian Almaguerთვის წინ

    Barca heard Josh call them mudded so they went and banged in 6 against Sociedad😂

  • Unknownxhm
    Unknownxhmთვის წინ

    New video?

  • James Limb
    James Limbთვის წინ

    How come all their names keep changing on their cursors and that etc?

  • Shea Sykes
    Shea Sykesთვის წინ

    tell me why there is an easter egg for a transition. lol

  • The Angles
    The Anglesთვის წინ

    Play our undefeated pro club Harry could use the experience haha!

  • Jordy030
    Jordy030თვის წინ

    I'm starting to find Vik a liitle bit annoying lately. He's acting like he's so sick when he's not...

  • Edgardo Rodriguez
    Edgardo Rodriguezთვის წინ

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  • Mike Rea
    Mike Reaთვის წინ

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  • Mac Buckley
    Mac Buckleyთვის წინ

    I love when vik talks shit absolute funniest shit

  • Quick Bots
    Quick Botsთვის წინ

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  • Aaron Bourke
    Aaron Bourkeთვის წინ

    Attacking defending mid lmao they should enter a online tournament Instagram etc for £10

  • Dan Jackson
    Dan Jacksonთვის წინ

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    MANOHARთვის წინ

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  • Daniel Jittan
    Daniel Jittanთვის წინ

    this is so fun love it

  • harsh hhh
    harsh hhhთვის წინ

    i am a barcelona fan and i can positively say we are back in form. won our last 9 league games

  • TropixHD
    TropixHDთვის წინ

    Harry actually isn't that bad they all suck idk how they can talk

  • Pawit Ninnabodee
    Pawit Ninnabodeeთვის წინ

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  • Will Dare
    Will Dareთვის წინ

    I love how vikstar is playing a game that he not good and thats the thing I love because Vik is giving it a go and not going to lie I only watch the sidemen pro club is because of vikstar, when he score goals, creating plays it's beautiful to watch

  • Kezzy Banton
    Kezzy Bantonთვის წინ

    Lmfao im hollaring

  • Daire Mullins
    Daire Mullinsთვის წინ

    I love how Harry's missing today but thy still put him in the thumbnail

  • Jeffery Jeff
    Jeffery Jeffთვის წინ

    Harry plays for 16 minutes and gets his first yellow card.

  • Arbaz Khan
    Arbaz Khanთვის წინ

    Well Harry got yellow card for over sleeping lol

  • Aditya Nashikkar
    Aditya Nashikkarთვის წინ

    Harry really triggers me when he plays as any and its so jokes

  • homeboyjz Video's
    homeboyjz Video'sთვის წინ

    division 9 lollllllll

  • cactuspk4
    cactuspk4თვის წინ

    18:30 song name?



    თვის წინ

    I’ve wondered that for so long but I’ve found it. Curve ball by xavy rusan

  • Karduchi
    Karduchiთვის წინ

    No one: Ksi at 25:05: ASTAXFURALLAH

  • Jeffrey Fenstermacher
    Jeffrey Fenstermacherთვის წინ

    go on NBA 2k21 and make a red team or something

  • Zraxel
    Zraxelთვის წინ

    JJ : talks Josh : shush

  • Snouck Hogronje
    Snouck Hogronjeთვის წინ

    Vik act like he's good

  • What is a 90 day period
    What is a 90 day periodთვის წინ

    Shoutout to muslim jj

  • AshwinOG
    AshwinOGთვის წინ


  • Saeed Ahmed
    Saeed Ahmedთვის წინ

    Did you see that Easter egg

  • John Villis
    John Villisთვის წინ


  • Caroline Alexander
    Caroline Alexanderთვის წინ

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  • CVM Gaming
    CVM Gamingთვის წინ

    When they lose to a team of bots lmao

  • Thedodgymonkey 600
    Thedodgymonkey 600თვის წინ

    Petition to put chip RB

  • Knack 2 bb
    Knack 2 bbთვის წინ


  • Garret Biggie
    Garret Biggieთვის წინ

    Imagine vik became a sweat at fifa that fortnite rage would b god tier

  • Plázino God
    Plázino Godთვის წინ

    If I had a mate like Harry I would personally bin him of as a mate

  • Lewis Abbey
    Lewis Abbeyთვის წინ

    Ethan playing as the opposition number 8 at 12:08 ...

  • YourAverageLoser
    YourAverageLoserთვის წინ

    "Man, I'm gonna, I'm gonna break my monitor I swear"

  • Maned Wolf
    Maned Wolfთვის წინ

    I've seen some real fernando torres moments there

  • Nishant Suresh
    Nishant Sureshთვის წინ


  • NimzIsNice
    NimzIsNiceთვის წინ

    Why is behz on the opposing team 12:07

  • Connor Lh
    Connor Lhთვის წინ

    The why must you let me suffer will make me laugh every time I’ve already watched this vid but I watched it again just to hear that

  • Ninjaverse
    Ninjaverseთვის წინ

    17:42 KSI: What are you doing? Vik: What are YOU doing? Shut up!

  • ItzSwirl
    ItzSwirlთვის წინ

    Sidemen is so risky to watch in front of your parents now 😂

  • Quentin Kaffka genaamd Dengler
    Quentin Kaffka genaamd Denglerთვის წინ

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  • Birch
    Birchთვის წინ

    Simon is so annoying imo

  • Benstargg 101
    Benstargg 101თვის წინ

    why is my last name in the video #11:57

  • pudpud kirkpatrick
    pudpud kirkpatrickთვის წინ

    The observant tower continuously tie because creditor really stitch near a elated holiday. unkempt, necessary romania

  • Conorclogs
    Conorclogsთვის წინ

    LOVE the Fifa content, honestly. I'm BRAND NEW to GEcold and have just started my own Pro Clubs series with my mates. Would love it if you could check it out :D

  • Stef Lernout
    Stef Lernoutთვის წინ

    KSI is the worst CDM tho

  • Kieran Davis-Hyde
    Kieran Davis-Hydeთვის წინ

    Why must you let me suffer? 😂

  • IcySpicy TM
    IcySpicy TMთვის წინ

    Harry is actually atrocious 😂😂😂😂

  • Ronit 1302
    Ronit 1302თვის წინ

    Song at 18:33?

  • PD OP
    PD OPთვის წინ

    5 Million today???

  • 41_ Thivagar
    41_ Thivagarთვის წინ

    intro is sick

  • Big Chef
    Big Chefთვის წინ

    If you buy a sidemen Easter egg you really are a nitty

  • milesbot
    milesbotთვის წინ

    Vik sounds absolutely battered in this video he definitely broke into the tequila

  • Daring Bros
    Daring Brosთვის წინ

    Yo Harry was doing his best I do the same in pro clubs

  • Elijah Sheldon
    Elijah Sheldonთვის წინ

    why does JJ take it personally only when Vik says shut up